About Us

BornBlack is based in Hamilton, Ontario. It was established in 2008 envisioning to forwarding its own contribution to initiate discourse  about the multifaceted global issues that affect black and other marginalized communities in the world, through solution seeking, informative, educative, insightful articles, news and commentary on politics, history, culture and other issues.

It is the firm belief of the proprietor and the promoters of BornBlack that our past and our roots are contained in our present, which in turn contains indicators for our future. As we know, world education and media, specially that of North America, is dominated by Western discourses that say little or nothing about black people’s contribution in world civilization, history and culture. Rather, black people’s representation is mostly stereotyped as the impoverished Africans, the musical or athletic entertainer, the criminal and lots of others. These images harm the black youth, who usually don’t have access to the right source of information to learn about their legacy and its contribution in the world in a positive way. That is why BornBlack visions to bring forward different perspectives that are not popular in mainstream media.

BornBlack is not necessarily a glorification or lamentation of our past.  Rather, it presents a critical picture of the present to enable us to appreciate our past, formulate objectives and alternative paths to accelerate positive development for all humans as well as non-humans.

Our writers hail from different parts of the world including Ontario, British Colombia, Saskatchewan, UK, United States, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

If you are interested in submitting articles and/or become a contributor, contact us at  info@bornblackmag.com