“For black Cubans, Obama visit a source of pride, inspiration”

HAVANA — Yolanda Mauri’s ancestors almost certainly came to Cuba in chains, laboring as slaves on an island of French coffee plantations and fields of Spanish sugarcane.Her parents became their family’s first professionals, graduating with engineering degrees after Cuba’s 1959 revolution ended segregation. Mauri, 26, graduated from an elite technical university with a degree in computer programming. Today, she struggles to patch together a living from poorly paid government work and freelance jobs like building websites. She feels the sting of racism in casual derogatory comments or a maître d’s refusal to seat her in an expensive restaurant.
For Mauri and hundreds of thousands of black Cubans, Barack Obama isn’t just the first U.S. leader to visit their country in nearly nine decades. He’s a black man whose rise to the world’s most powerful job is a source of pride and inspiration.

Source: For black Cubans, Obama visit a source of pride, inspiration – The Washington Post

One thought on ““For black Cubans, Obama visit a source of pride, inspiration”

  • mnesro@gmail.com'
    April 10, 2016 at 3:51 pm

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