A Message from Haiti- Liberté

This is a message from Haiti- Liberté.

The earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12 and destroyed many of its cities was devastating. The pain and sorrow it caused its children and true friends are deep: we have yet to find words and expressions to describe this unprecedented structural and psychological uprooting. Salvation can only come from rebirth and revolution.

We are most grateful:

  • For the outpouring of love and sympathy that reached us from near and far, from all races and people.
  • For all the doctors, nurses, and professional emergency workers who volunteered their time and efforts to help.
  • For the money and material assistance the people and their governments have sent us. Without the spontaneous show of solidarity, things would be much, much worse.

But we protest:

  • Against the vicious racism, cultural ignorance, and religious intolerance of the reactionary quarters of the media, ably represented by the likes of Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Armey and David
  • Against the slowness of the response. The basic supply of food and water and emergency first-aid kits could have gotten there sooner from the USA, given the closeness of Guantanamo and Florida.
  • Against the glaring absence of President Préval, government  officials and the political class in general more attuned to their personal needs and the interests of the powers they serve than to the needs of the country and the Haitian people they swore to serve.
  • Against the militarization and domination of the aid enterprise by the American government. It is clear that priority is given to the presence of the Marines instead of Doctors Without Borders; the domination by the American contingent instead of cooperation with France and other partners. A media black-out has been set about the presence of Cuban and Venezuelan contingents. MINUSTAH, the UN occupation force, has been relegated to a secondary rule. An already submissive Haitian government has given up the control of the national airport and is delinquent in performing even the most basic duties of a sovereign country.
  • Against the neo-liberal recolonization project. Different statements by the Clinton duo and other officials reveal the plan for a sustained occupation with the collaboration of the local “elites”, rapid influx of commercial enterprises to “rebuild” Haiti, enforced by a muscular American military presence and subservient UN and Haitian police forces.
  • Their project is not new. But they are cynically using the disaster to realize it more quickly, under the guise of massive humanitarian help. It would kill any hope of a National, Popular Plan. We want to be
    the masters of our own destiny. Haitian patriots and progressives of the world must unite and fight together with the Haitian people. We must turn what is a natural disaster into our project for a Democratic-Popular Haiti.
Haiti Liberté
Michel Casimir
James Fortuné
Willy Saint-vil
Raymond Guervil
Jocelyn Gay
Pierre L. Florestal

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