Where darkness costs money- The Electrifying Experience of Nigeria’s Electricity

 As the world’s most populous black nation renowned for its famous blackouts, Nigeria still has her citizens paying for what they do not have: electricity or hydro.

Reading on Nigeria can be impressive, depending on what media you obtain your information from.  Nigerians have been named the happiest people on earth. This of course was pre 1970s Nigeria when everything worked.

However, this is not the case with present day Nigeria as the country has been currently dubbed after Norway the land of the midnight sun. Nigeria is the land of the total eclipse.

This catastrophe could have been easily avioded if Nigerians had listened to the prophetic cry of their previous leaders, The Buhari Idiagbon Regime to be exact. The regime’s words fell on deaf ears as we took their early morning radio cry (fellow Nigerians, plant one tree everyday) for an appeal to prevent deforestation rather than a warning that soon, electricity and oil products used in providing energy would soon be beyond the reach of the common man and we would eventually have to fall back to good old firewood.

It staggers my logical reason that $16 billion was pumped down the drain by the Olusegun Obasanjo regime. Till date, this massive amount cannot be accounted for. It is tough that although one major aim of this regime was to address the negative image of the country by tackling corruption, the regime ranked as one of the most corrupt regimes ever in Nigerian history. Where did all this money disappear to?

For the past decade, the steps taken were wrong beginning from the top to the bottom. Former President Obasanjo appeared to have all wrong spoons at the helm of affairs (beginning with a lawyer).

The surprising thing now is even without electricity you still have to pay monthly electricity bills. Paying for darkness has become one of the numerous cries in Nigeria. Some youth once went to the Power Housing cooperation (then NEPA) to express their anger on why the nation could not watch a major soccer match involving their dearest Super Eagles only to get to the power office and find them watching the match using generator.

It is sad that the Yaradua government felt the best way to curb the problem in Nigeria’s pathetic power sector was to fire the head executive vice chairman of the Power Holdings Company of Nigeria (PHCN), which governs the use of electricity as well as the PHCN executive directors. Funny, as the whole staff is filled with mediocres! In the power sector, Nigeria runs a kindergarten show. Appliances are blown as light goes on and off at will. It puts Nigerians on their toes as it has been said, ‘be prepared, no one knows the time or hour, I can come at any time like a thief in the night.’ I was privileged to witness light go off and on (or rather on and off) in Nigeria 8 times within the span of an hour. I still am of the opinion Nigeria has monkeys working in her Power industry.

Not having electricity and receiving massive electricity bills is enough to electrify one

Jovi Otite

Jovi Otite (Ph.d) is the co-founder of BornBlack. He is an Animal Science Expert in Animal Reproduction, agriculture and alternative renewable energy.

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