The World at Our Fingertips: Show me your nails and I’d tell you who you are

Beauty is in the nails. They say the more beautiful the nails the less the qualities of the possessor. Of course, this depends on what our ideas of good qualities are. Over the years I have attended numerous sessions on chirognomy, a field which I believe is acquired through common sense. Just as weight lifting gives us the desired muscular physic, the way we live our lives reflects on our finger nails. Throughout my practice of chirognomy, I have come across numerous types of finger nails. Most important of these are the following:

  1. Square
  2. Spatulate
  3. Pointed
  4. Elementary

In our daily activities, the nails and finger tips are the first point of contact in things we do. Hence, the shape they take in order to adjust to continuous activity gives an insight to our future. From the nails, we know what to expect in our everyday relationships with people. In certain circumstances, particularly in the dating process, a partner’s nails might be indicative of the prospects of a union, should one decide to take a relationship to a higher level. See my previous article on “Observing Human Character: The Science behind the Back of the Hand”

square fingernails

The square finger nails: Physical use of the hands and finger tips coupled with reasonable mental work usually results in a well balanced individual. When we consider shapes, the square is a sign of balance and this happens to be the case when dealing with the finger tips and nails. A square nail is one which runs parallel on all sides from the base to tip. All opposite sides run parallel to one another. Usually the ends are straight and flat. Such people tend to be the practical ones in society. They work with a plan and are employed easily as they usually possess the basic requirement. Whether they would stay on a job, I’d say rarely as they dream of excelling and owning their own outfits. Subjects of such finger nails can make logical decisions in life or at work. If loyal, they aid business as they are creative and vast in most fields of life. This I consider the best of all finger nails as it depicts the all rounded individual, who can survive in this harsh world. Being able to survive makes them the most liberal in society. They are practical and down to earth. People with square fingernails usually carry with them foresight (gained from daily experience) as well as perseverance. For sure such an individual if a doctor or a lawyer does not need his field of specialization to survive as he/she can fit everywhere. However, with all good things said, they have a drawback. Their being multitalented makes it difficult for them to excel in one thing. They start off on one thing, are swayed with the tide and hence hardly complete a single task before moving on to the next. Parental guidance at youth might help them overcome this hindrance.

Spatulate fingernails

The spatulate fingernails: There also exist amongst us, a group full of activity (usually of the physical kind). Here, the love for activity is paramount in the subject’s mind. Physical activity thus supersedes mental reasoning. Hence, there is an exaggeration on the fingertips, which assumes the shape of a spatula. This is the result of excessive contact. They make the best employees as they take orders with little reasoning. They make up their minds and move ahead with plans. Such individuals make the best listeners but not contributors. Spatulates move more out of instinct rather than reason. This is called the fingernails of activity. Such can thrive on manual labour. Usually the outside activity suits their kind.

The above finger nails are common with both sexes. The square fingernails I consider almost evenly distributed between sexes while the spatulate, I find more with males in the society. In females it denotes a tough stubborn and difficult disposition. It would be erroneous though to associate one type of finger nails with a particular sex.



The pointed fingernails: Definitely the most beautiful of nails is the conical fingernail. This denotes characteristic in which thinking supersedes action.  Such people are governed with lofty ideas. No time for active physical work hence the nails grow and taper at the end. People with this type of finger nails look for imagination and art everywhere. They have love for minute and useless details. Though their work involves a lot of interaction with people, such people are easily deceived as their lack of activity results in them being naive. The gift of logic is lacking in subjects with such hands. Though intellectually inclined, the gift of listening while seated, (e.g. in church and school) is lacking in the subject, since if asked to sit and listen, their minds wander away. They make the dreamers in the society. They can easily be swayed into believing almost anything; ‘I’d take you to Las Vegas, lots of diamonds in Abuja, we are sailors looking for our soul mates.’ Some could even be as shallow minded as believing Africa is a country. Their ability to believe anything makes them flexible in life.

To dream and keep dreaming means you should be imaginative enough to believe in the possibility of the impossible, as your mind has become accustomed to the entertainment of abstract thinking. True, the entire world sees nothing but beauty in ladies with such fingers as rare as they might seem, scarcity can be interpreted or misinterpreted as beauty. Although this category of individuals may lack the ability to comprehend practical views due to their inactivity in the area, they do excel in the art of mysticism, lyricism as well as prophetic ecstasies due to their high intuitive capacity. I classify people with the pointed finger nails modern and revolutionary. They are also the most beauty conscious in society. There exists an advanced derivative of this form of fingernails. This involves the nails being a little flattened or rounded at the tips thus assuming the shape of a cone. This signifies a slight tilt to the practical arts. People with such nails posses a slightly more balanced nature to life and are not as unconventional as their counterparts with pointed nails.

square fingernails

There are certain features that apply to all fingernail types. A clear example of such are extra short nails. Short nails are classified by the nails being short and the skin of the fingertips growing over the nails. Drawing conclusion to short nails must be determined by the way they are acquired. Hence, short nails, which are naturally acquired are indicative of an easily aroused disposition (short temperedness) while short nails acquired by excessive nail biting are the result of a nervous complexion resulting from lack of self confidence. Although the above is largely disputed, over the years I have found this to be true.

The earth is generous in giving. She gives according to what we deserve. We learn to use our hands. Like a weapon is filed by friction, our nails take form according to how we use them. Excessive use of our hands makes our nails appear oversized and deviate slightly from the shape that which we term normal. This forms a mismatched misshaped set of nails which belongs to the brute. Such people think less and have little patience. Their kind is governed by spontaneous reactions governed by instincts and these individuals are easily aroused over what they cannot comprehend. Hence, while some can only learn through hard work, some need books to acquire desired knowledge and some must be taught practically and theoretically in order to understand the complexity of the world in which we live.

Our world is well balanced. We start off with pointed nails thinking and bringing forward their unconventional dreams and ideas to the world. We also have those with the ability to interpret such unconventional ideas. We can put those ideas into detail and forward to those with the ability to carry out and enforce them. As ideas are developed, documented and carried out, there exist those who would not understand and tend to be on the opposite side of things. Being able to convince them, as they may be of limited thinking, makes the world tick. We must always have people on the opposite side.  We must also have people sitting on the fence and watching out for mistakes. Our enemies are a sign that nature is working well. The opposition is meant to make us grew. We should not crush our rivals but engage them meaningfully. True understanding of the nature of humans and the different categories, which we belong, will provide knowledge on how our kids should be raised. Beating definitely is not the solution but proper understanding of the subject prior to teaching. This alone could make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful teacher. For the world to advance, we need the ideas of the conical hands, the logical reasoning and planning of the square, the action of the spatulate and the rugged nature of the elementary.

Jovi Otite

Jovi Otite (Ph.d) is the co-founder of BornBlack. He is an Animal Science Expert in Animal Reproduction, agriculture and alternative renewable energy.

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